How does the reward system work? features 4 types of rewards, this page explains what they are, and how they work. It's a system designed for simple and easy use, we created it so it works toward consumer's biggest benefit and partner's largest profit. Please read below through so you have a thorough understanding of how the system works.

1. Banner Referral Rewards (2% of the banner clicker's total credit purchase)
  1. Sign up and log in.
  2. Click on Your "Banner Code" button.
  3. Copy the displaying codes. Go to your IMVU home page. Choose a window you want the banner to display in. Click "edit" and select "edit custom HTML/CSS".
  4. Paste the code you have copied into the "edit custom HTML/CSS" window and click "save".
    * Make sure your IMVU home page is HTML enabled! If not, change the setting to "allow HTML" in the "account" link on the top of your home page.
  5. Voila! You are done. You will receive notifications when you've earned credits. You can log onto and redeem the rewards you've earned.
  6. BANNER-CLICKERS MUST PURCHASE CREDITS FOR YOU TO EARN CREDITS! Refer to Q&A page if you have additional questions.

2. Friend Referral Rewards (1000 credits for the referrer and referee)
  1. Sign up as our member.
  2. Tell a friend about our credit sale service.
  3. When your friend signed up, he/she has to input YOUR EXACT AVATAR NAME in the "referrer" field on the sign up form.
  4. Upon the completion of your friend's FIRST PURCHASE OF CREDITS. You will BOTH receive 1000 credits.
  5. Combine this reward with the banner Banner Referral Reward to earn Double Credits!

3. Purchase reward points (2% of your total credits purchase)
  1. Sign up as our member and log in.
  2. Every time you purchase credits, you will be gifted 2% of your total credits purchase.

4. VIP reward points

When your purchase reaches the total amount of 1,000,000 credits, a special discount will be gifted to you along with a great surprise. We are working on more beneficial features for our VIP members.

All reward credits MUST be redeemed to be sent to your avatar name on imvu! When you logged in as a member, all the features are clearly listed on the left side of the page. You may check your purchase history, reward summary, and redeem your rewards easily. All your reward points stay safely in your account, minimum amount of redemption is 2000 points, which can be very easily obtained. You may redeem your reward points whenever you want to, once you do, they will be automatically sent to your imvu account. Please understand that we also created the system to secure your credit transactions and financial safety, thank you.