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Welcome to partners, you must fulfill the simple requirements below to be considered a partner. We will review your information before contacting you, thank you!

  1. You must be an member in order to be an developer partner.
  2. You must be an imvu developer.
  3. You have well branded quality products, and all credits you sell through us must be earned by your products alone.
  4. You do not have any products that violates any imvu regulations.
  5. You are willing to display a banner of your choice on all of your newly created product pages starting the day you join as a partner. Every single banner of ours will earn you extra referral credits as a partner bonus.

If you are simply interested in becoming a salesperson for, please click the "earn rewards" button on the home page. There will be three ways for you to earn free credits through the triple reward system.

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Notice: You are require to sign up as a member first to be consider for partner status.