Q: I just had a name change, what do I do?
A: Please log into imvusale.com with your the avatar name and password you originally signed up with, there is a link called "edit personal information" under your avatar picture, please click into it and UPDATE your avatar name before buying or redeeming any credits.

Q: I want to change my information (name, password..etc)
A: Please log into imvusale.com with your the avatar name and password you originally signed up with, there is a link called "edit personal information" under your avatar picture, please click into it and UPDATE any information you need to change.

Q: I sent credits (redeemed rewards) to the wrong account, what do I do?
A: Please email us at contactus@imvusale.com immediately. Please provide as much information as possible about your purchase in your email (avatar name, email, transaction ID..etc), it will help our staff locate your payment and assist you as quickly as possible.

Q: My imvu account is hacked, credits might have been stolen, what do I do?
A: If you still can, change your password on imvusale.com and imvu immediately, email contactus@imvusale.com and we will lock down your account to prevent future purchases being made until the matter is fully resolved. File in an imvu ticket under "help" -> "request help"-> "billing" and report your account stolen so imvu staff may track down your account and possible stolen credits and return them back to you.

Q: How do I ask you questions?
A: Use the "contact us" button on the menu bar, we will receive your message instantly and respond accordingly.

Q: How do I earn reward credits?
A: Click on "Earn Credits" on the home page, and read through the instructions on how to receive three types of reward credits.

Q: How come I bought an item from imvusale.com, but didn't receive any reward credits?
A: PLEASE click on "earn credits" on the home page, and read through ALL the instructions. Buying credits, referring others to buy credits Will earn you credits, buying products WILL NOT.

Q: How come I referred a friend and I didn't receive rewards?
A: You and your friend will both receive reward credits when he/she PURCHASE CREDITS. Your reward points will be displayed in the "reward summary" page once you signed in.

Q: Where do I get my referral banner?
A: Sign up, log in, there will be an "obtain banner" button there, copy and paste the code onto your page and you are done!

Q: What's the shopping page about?
A: There will be updated special on sale products, luxury items and new products displayed from our partners.

Q: How come I didn't receive reward credits in my imvu account?
A: Because ALL reward points has to be redeemed to be sent to your IMVU account. Please log in, and use the "redeem credits" button on the left.

Q: Why do I have to sign up?
A: Because you will be able to enjoy all the member benefits once you sign up as a member. All reward points has to be earned and redeemed WHEN YOU ARE LOGGED IN.

Q: I'm interested in becoming a partner, who do I talk to?
A: Partner program is ONLY available to DEVELOPERS. If you are a developer looking to become a partner, go to the partner page, and contact us using the form provided. If you wish to earn credits any other way, please click "earn credits" on the homepage for details.

Q: How many credits do I save when I buy from you? How much gift credits do I receive every purchase?
A: Specific amount of savings will be automatically calculated and displayed when you choose the amount you wish to buy (while logged in). Gift credits of every purchase will be given according to the amount you purchase.

Q: How do I know how much reward points I have now? How do I redeem them?
A: Log in, then use the "reward summary" button on the left to view your total reward points. Use the "redeem rewards" button to redeem your credits.

Q: How do I know you got it right?
A: Because everything is automatically calculated by computer, there is no room for error.

Q: How come I never heard back from you?
A: Because either you did not read any instructions, or your question can be answered right here! And we receive tons of the same questions everyday!

Q: Why should I buy from YOU?
  1. Because we have the fastest, safest, cheapest, and profitable credit sale service.
  2. Because we have a very complete member/partner program managing everything.
  3. We have great customer service and reward program for you to enjoy.
  4. You are supporting a team of great developers on IMVU with every purchase.
  5. Because we made so much effort on creating this web site, and making it pretty!

If your question still isn't answered, please use the contact us page to let us know, thank you!